About the owners:

Solbakken, Inc. is owned by a mother and daughter team, both are Registered Nurses, who together have over 60 years of nursing experience working with the elderly.  The owners live at one of the Bloomington locations.  Both the mother and the daughter specialize in Gerontology, with a focus on body, mind and spirit.

Mary Adams, a Registered Nurse, earned her Degree at Lutheran Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing.  During Mary's nursing career she was a Staff Nurse at Deaconess Hospital, Staff Nurse at Minneapolis Veteran's Hospital, the Director of Nursing at Stevens Square Nursing Home in Minneapolis and prior to starting Solbakken, Inc., Mary worked for 30 years as Director of Nursing at Redeemer Residence in Minneapolis.  Mary also holds a Certification in Gerontological Nursing and she is a Healing Touch Therapist.  Mary has devoted her life to the care of the elderly and continues to do so through providing professional and loving care in a private home setting.

Diane Adams, is also a Registered Nurse, who earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from Bethel College, graduating Suma Cum Laude in 2000.  Diane is also a CPR Instructor, a Wound Care Specialist, a Public Health Nurse and a Healing Touch Therapist.  Diane, one of five of Mary's children, followed in Mary's footsteps in a life devoted to the care of the elderly.  Prior to joining together with her mother in creating Solbakken, Diane worked for more than 25 years at Redeemer Residence in providing care for the elderly.